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Wind turbine nacelle cover welding robot system

Wind turbine nacelle cover welding robot system

Product introduction

  This robot welding system is mainly composed of 1 Arc welding robot, 1 set of robot inverted rocker arm mechanism and sliding table mechanism, 1 set of welding power supply, 2 sets of dual-drive head and tailstock welding positioner, 1 set of robotic welding gun system, 1 set It consists of an anti-collision sensor, a laser sensor system, a gun cleaning and cutting device, and an integrated control system.

Serial number Item Content
1 Basic configuration Single robot + inverted swing arm + robot walking slide + dual drive flip positioner (double station)
2 Robot Fanuc-M-10iA/8L, robot 6 axis, load 8kg, large movement radius 2028mm
3 Welding power Lincoln PW455M

Equipment advantages

  The structural design of the robot base of the positioner of the robot welding system all adopts CAD computer-aided design; stress analysis and computer simulation are carried out for each key component and main movement coordination. The advanced processing technology is selected, and each welded structural part is annealed to provide a guarantee for the structure of the whole machine.

3D schematic diagram of equipment

Wind turbine nacelle cover welding robot system 300x213 - Wind turbine nacelle cover welding robot system



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