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Wind power stator segment welding robot system

Wind power stator segment welding robot system

Product introduction:

  This welding robot system is mainly composed of 1 Arc welding robot, 1 welding power supply, 2 sets of L -shaped biaxial welding positioner, 1 set of robot welding torch system, 1 set of anti-collision sensor, 1 set of gun cleaning and wire cutting device, 1 set Integrated control system and other components.

Serial number Item Content
1 Basic configuration Single Robot Formal Installation + L -type Dual-axis Positioner
2 Robot Fanuc-M-20iA, robot 6 axis, large movement radius 1820mm
3 Welding power Arsten PW500F
4 Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.08mm

Equipment highlights

  The structural design of the robot base of the positioner of the robot welding system all adopts CAD computer-aided design; stress analysis and computer simulation are carried out for each key component and main movement coordination. The selected processing technology, all welded structural parts are annealed to provide a guarantee for the structure of the whole machine.

Process flow

  Assemble the work piece → carry the work piece to the positioner → the operator manually clamp the work piece → weld the work piece (positioner rotation) → end of the welding work piece → robot reset → unload the work piece , and the work piece welding procedure ends.



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