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Why are handheld laser welding machines popular?

Traditional welding machines are bulky and inflexible to use. With market demand and equipment upgrades, a hand-held laser welding machine was well received as soon as it was launched on the market . Many people have purchased hand-held laser welding machines. After using them, they said that the equipment is very easy to use .

Handheld laser welding machine

  1. First of all, the welding is fast

Judging from the actual use, the welding speed is faster than that of the traditional welding machine. Generally, the welding speed is about 2 times faster. If the same workload is purchased for one year, 2-3 welders can be saved.

  1. Handheld laser welding machine is more convenient to use

Large-scale welding machines require professional employment certificates, while handheld laser welding machines can be used quickly, and can be employed after simple training. It is no longer required to have an employment certificate, which is suitable for more people to operate and use.

Handheld laser welding Machine

  1. Handheld laser welding machine has good welding effect

The hand-held laser welding machine welds smoothly and hardly needs a grinding process, saving welding time and labor costs

  1. Programmable control of hand-held laser welding machine

Various materials can be welded through programmed control, and automatic welding can be realized by various welding methods.



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