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Welding robot welding automobile exhaust pipe parts

Welding robot welding automobile exhaust pipe parts
2c662921b0ae590b65610254fadb34fc - Welding robot welding automobile exhaust pipe parts

System composition

  1. Robot cell: welding robot

  2. Welding unit: all-digital welding machine, special welding gun for air-cooled robot

  3. Positioning equipment: single-axis double-station servo positioner

  4. Tooling fixtures: robot base, workpiece connection base plate, quick clamp seat, placing rack

  5. Safety protection unit: workpiece automatic lifting arc baffle, safety grating, safe working room

  6. Electrical control unit: PLC, console, touch screen, Schneider Electric

Performance characteristics

  1. The welding station is automatically cycled alternately. The two robots cooperate with welding. The welding speed is fast. The operator always loads and unloads parts at a fixed point, which effectively reduces manual labor.

  And logistics intensity, efficiency is greatly improved.

  2. Using high-precision and high-stability robots and high-configuration welding machines, the welding quality is high.

  3. The welding posture of the welding gun is automatically adjusted according to the welding seam. It can weld straight, curved and arc welding seams, and can also realize the linkage of the robot and the welding workpiece, with good accessibility.

  4. The positioner can automatically flip the workpiece positive and negative 360 ​​degrees. It is controlled by a full-precision servo and RV reducer. It has a fast rotation speed, high repeatability and long service life.

  5. The optional station automatic lifting arc baffle and safety grating can effectively protect the human body from the arc light, and the system is safe and stable.



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