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UCRT robot hot forging production line


UCRT robot hot forging production line

242dd42a2834349b3157286ad40887cb34d3bef7 - UCRT robot hot forging production line

One robot in this production line can replace one person to load and unload materials in front of the hot forging machine, with fast loading and unloading speed and stable processing quality.

The main control cabinet can be purchased for this production line. The master control cabinet adopts modbus tcp protocol to connect each robot with its own plc, which can be connected and used without wiring, and up to 32 units can be connected. The master control cabinet can coordinate various robots, so that the robots on the production line can operate according to the rhythm, and the operation is more smooth.

The high temperature sensor is used to detect whether there is a workpiece at the grasping position and feed it back to the robot. The robot can issue an alarm and then manually deal with the fault.




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