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The technical solution of laser robot welding workstation for automobile aluminum alloy radiator condenser

Laser robot welding workstation for automotive aluminum alloy radiator condenser (tentative)

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One project description:

1.1 Components of the complete automatic welding robot

The welding system is composed of robot system, continuous fiber laser, laser control system, double-station flat welding platform, laser special cooling system and other parts.

201921191543530 - The technical solution of laser robot welding workstation for automobile aluminum alloy radiator condenser

The above is suitable for welding products on one side only. If both sides need to be welded, two sets of positioners are required. The schematic diagram is as follows:

2019051352534185 - The technical solution of laser robot welding workstation for automobile aluminum alloy radiator condenser


1.2 The  working process of the welding robot is as follows:

This automatic welding machine is manual loading and unloading, double-station automatic welding, the specific working process is as follows:

The first step: start the whole machine in order, adjust or call the saved welding robot parameters;

The second step: load the product, load the mesh plate on the profiling jig, assemble the ear piece to be welded, press the ear piece with the quick chuck; start the equipment and start production;

The third step: While welding, another loading station is manually operated to operate the cycle operations such as loading and unloading.


Schematic diagram of condenser welding equipment

5ce4686e7f27b971b0462afe0a98fa95 - The technical solution of laser robot welding workstation for automobile aluminum alloy radiator condenser

Condenser schematic

2. Welding instructions

1. Welding requirements:

1.1 . Use 1000 watt continuous laser welding power ≤ 80%;:

1.2 . Welding adopts laser swing welding.

1.3 Confirmation of the solder joints of the condenser


3. The robot can choose Yaskawa robot or FANUC robot

Yaskawa Robot MA1440 : 6- axis vertical multi-joint , load: 6Kg , dynamic range: 1440mm , control cabinet: DX200 , use: arc welding,Processing, handling, other

Fanuc Fanuc Robot M-10iA/12

The heaviest lift in this series is ideal for high loads. The ingenious hollow wrist design can provide better protection for confined spaces or work where there is a risk of stab wounds.

Axis robot



1420 mm

Carrying capacity

12 kg

Fourth, the laser generator Description: Fiber laser welding pickup device package is mainly composed of a continuous fiber laser , a transmission optical fiber, laser welding joints, chillers, the control system and the cabinet of several major components. The equipment adopts integrated design, compact and beautiful structure, with good beam pattern, stable energy, stable performance, reliable use, fast welding speed, wide range of suitable welding, and long service life of consumables and consumable parts.

202132320211102 - The technical solution of laser robot welding workstation for automobile aluminum alloy radiator condenser



Product advantages:

●Wide application: used in welding of shelves, kitchen and bathroom, household kitchen utensils, stainless steel doors and windows, ovens, distribution boxes, aluminum alloy doors and windows, stainless steel furniture, stainless steel display racks, etc .;

●The equipment is light and handy, and the cabinet is equipped with universal wheels for easy movement. It is not only convenient for long-distance welding of large workpieces , but also outdoor welding ;

●The operation is simple and flexible, easy to get started, no need for professional welders;

●The welding speed is fast, and the efficiency is about 2 to 3 times that of arc welding;

●The welding seam is beautiful and the deformation is small, which saves the cost of subsequent grinding and shaping;

Technical parameters:

Model number YB-1000 YB-1500 YB-2000
Laser Type Continuous fiber laser device
Rated output power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Power adjustment range 10% ~90%
Laser center wavelength 1080 ±10nm
Output method Continuous/modulation
Maximum modulation frequency 50kHz
Power instability <3%
Fiber output interface QBH
Indicating system Red light
Fiber length 15mm
Torch cable length 5m
Torch type Swing galvanometer welding head
Wire feed diameter 0.8 , 1.0, 1.2, 1.6
Torch weight 1kg around
Welding auxiliary gas Argon/Nitrogen (purity not less than 99.9%)
Water flow >12L/min >15L/min >25L/min
Product structure All-in-one Split
Product size L*D*H 1200*600*1300mm 1200*600*1300mm


Product weight 160kg 250kg
Working environment temperature 10 ~35℃
Working environment humidity <70% without condensation
Working voltage Single phase 220VAC Three-phase five-wire 380VAC

Single phase 220VAC

Whole machine power <5kw <7kw <9.5kw

Laser swing head. This laser swing head has a strong advantage in high-reflective material welding and high-power welding applications. It is a cost-effective welding head. The welding head adopts click-driven X, Y-axis vibrating lens, has a variety of swing modes, and swing welding allows the workpiece to have irregular welds, and processing parameters such as larger gaps can significantly improve the welding quality

5. On-site video of laser robot welding workstation for automotive aluminum alloy radiator condenser :


Six, laser welding robot configuration instructions

Configuration checklist
Serial number Products Quantity Remarks
1 Japanese brand robot 1 Brands can be FANUC or Yaskawa
2 Robot base 1
3 Head and tail positioner (including reducer) 2 Optional
4 Servo motor for positioner 2 Optional
5 Fixture 2  Manual fixture
6 Laser welding head (swing) 1
7 Laser control cabinet integrated machine 1 Contains a 1000W laser + a chiller + a laser control card
8 Shipping
9 Installation and commissioning




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