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Talent recruitment plan for September 2021【UCZP20210809】

Talent recruitment plan for September 2021【UCZP20210809】


01236 300x133 - Talent recruitment plan for September 2021【UCZP20210809】
automatic welding equipment debugging personnel, 2

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of robot automatic welding equipment, welding process commissioning and operation training for employees.

2. Responsible for the preparation of the welding process, the preparation of the robot welding program, the proficient use of Panasonic robots is preferred.

3. Responsible for on-site installation and debugging of welding equipment, and timely handling of on-site technical problems.

Basic requirements:

1. Technical personnel and engineers who have engaged in welding workstations and production lines on-site welding and debugging are preferred.

2.2 years of commissioning experience,

More than 3 years of experience in robotic automatic welding related industries.

3. Ability to independently support work on site.

4. Experience in robot automatic welding of medium and thick plates is preferred.

5. Participate in the quality problem analysis and improvement of related products



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