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Talent recruitment plan for August 2021【UCZP202108】

Talent recruitment plan for August 2021【UCZP202108】

Wuxi Youcai Robot Co., Ltd. Recruitment in August 2021


032 300x169 - Talent recruitment plan for August 2021【UCZP202108】


Electrical engineer, 3

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for automation design work, including component selection, electrical drawing design, control system configuration and PLC programming. Configuration programming, etc.

2. Responsible for the installation guidance and on-site commissioning of the electrical system. 3. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical automation and related fields.

2. Familiar with the relevant standards and regulations of the instrument and equipment installation engineering of the robot welding and cutting automation industry.

3. Familiar with the use of plc touch screen inverter server, able to complete program design independently

4. Able to assist in testing on-site welding equipment and be familiar with plc system and other software



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