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Plasma, flame, CNC gantry cutting machine for both flat and tube materials

Plasma, flame, CNC gantry cutting machine for both flat and tube materials

1 1F2211550221G - Plasma, flame, CNC gantry cutting machine for both flat and tube materials

Main technical parameters

1. Maximum effective cutting diameter: 800mm
2. Minimum effective cutting diameter: 30m
3. Main machine guide rail: 6m
4. Intersecting line guide rail: 6m
5. CNC flame cutting wall thickness: 6-50mm
6. CNC plasma cutting wall thickness: 0.5 -15mm
7. Machine running speed: 0-6000mm/min
8. Setting speed error: ≤±5%


1. It adopts a 3-axis 2-linkage CNC system, equipped with an 8-inch color LCD screen, which is suitable for pipe cutting and plate cutting at the same time.
2. The standard configuration is flame cutting, and the arc voltage can be automatically adjusted to achieve plasma cutting.
3. The thickness of the flame cutting tube wall is between 6~50mm. The thickness of the plasma cutting tube wall is determined by the power of the plasma power supply.
4. Using three-phase AC high-voltage stepping drive technology, the motor has a large driving torque and low motor noise.
5. It can cut multiple patterns of different directions and different diameters on the main pipe, and can cut all kinds of metal plates at will.
6. Ability to cut all kinds of steel pipes.
7. The operation is simple and clear, support Wentai, ARTCAM, TYPE3, Coreldraw, AutoCAD and other popular software in the industry.
8. It can be equipped with Haibao plasma generator imported from the United States and domestic plasma generator according to customer requirements . Servo system, transmission system, dust suction device can also be selected, and a full set of genuine software is presented as a gift.

Application Industry

Craft decoration, iron garden, automobile manufacturing, electrical accessories, landscape lighting, parts cutting, thick plate special-shaped cutting, etc.

Application industry

Sheet metal processing, advertising signs, mechanical and electrical product shell processing, craft decoration, iron gardens, automobile manufacturing, ships, electrical accessories, chassis and electrical cabinets, parts cutting, thick plate special-shaped cutting and other processing and riveting industries.



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