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Pipe pipe butt bottom filling, cover surface argon arc automatic welding equipment

 Pipes are automatically filled, cover surface tig welding Technical solutions Scheme number:                           Demand-side unit (Party A):                            ...

 Pipes are automatically filled, cover surface tig welding

Technical solutions

Scheme number:                          

Demand-side unit (Party A):                             

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Automatic tig welding of pipes

Technical solutions

First, the workpiece situation

1. Outer diameter range: F50mm~F250mm

2. Pipe wall thickness: d6 mm-d16mm or more

3. Total length of workpiece: ≤1500mm-12000mm

4. Welding base metal: nickel-based heat-resistant steel

5. Workpiece shape: pipe butt ring seam

2. Technical requirements

Welding methodaConveying mode: roller conveying and rotation (user-provided):B Ring seam welding: the roller table is used to drive the workpiece to rotate and the welding torch is fixed for priming
Welding processArgon arc TIG method is used for priming;
Shielding gasTIGWelding shielding gas is adopted Would(95%) +H2(5%) The bracket gas and back protection gas are made of pure argon: Ar99.99%;
Welding wire specificationsΦ1.2mm;
The amount of group pair and wrong edgeand group pair gapsThe 3mm wall thickness group is as good as possible to achieve no wrong edge and no gap, which can meet the TIG welding single-sided welding double-sided forming, and must be unloaded by the shearing machine (or laser); Above 3mm wall thickness, groove welding is required
Weld seam cleaningClean up impurities such as oil and burrs within 20mm on both sides of the weld.
Workpiece assemblyManual TIG Solder joint fixing workpiece, solder joint length 5 mm Left and right, spot welding spacing 50~100mm Point solid nodding head and tail polishing, smooth transition.
Weld requirementsThe qualified level of radiographic testing shall not be lower than Grade II., and the qualified level of penetration testing shall not be lower than Grade I.;

3. Equipment description

This equipment is the main process equipment of pipeline automatic bottom welding, which is composed of mobile cross welding frame and track device, workpiece roller conveying and rotating equipment, welding torch, welding power supply, welding control system, and lower feeding frame. TIG automatic base welding method is adopted.

Equipment features:

1) The welding machine adopts TIG+ wire filler welding process.

2) Equipped with Panasonic power supply and supporting control system.

3) The equipment is equipped with remote control box operation unit.

4) The switching of welding method (attitudeadopts manual operation.

5) The equipment layout adopts the integrated mode of the whole machine, which is conducive to the stable operation of the equipment under the condition of low center of gravity.

6) The three-dimensional direction movement adjustment of the equipment welding torch adopts linear guide rail (double-track guide), pneumatic locking.

7) The equipment is equipped with arc pressure tracking, which meets the tracking requirements of the height direction during circumferential seam welding.


1) Automatic bottom welding of weld bead girth seam

    The operator will lift the workpiece that has been spot welded to the conveyor roller table – control the mobile welding frame to the welding point position through manual remote control, press the workpiece (radial compression), adjust the position of the welding torch centering the weld, press the start button to start arc welding, the roller table rotation equipment drives the workpiece rotation (speed and welding parameters can be set in the program interface), and the welding torch is automatically in place for bottom welding. After the welding is completed, the pressing device and the welding torch are automatically lifted, and the welding torch device moves to the next weld position and continues to weld the second weld according to the previous processing procedure until all the weld positions are welded and the operator hangs away from the workpiece.

Welding equipment supply list

serial numbernamequantitybrandremark
1Welding host1 setcustomize
Mobile welding crosses and trolleys1 setcustomize
Track installation 12 meters1 setcustomize
Welding torch manual fine-tuning mechanism1 setcustomize
Lifting the carrier wheel1 setcustomize
Radial pressing device 1 setcustomize
2TIG welding system1 setcustomize
Welding torch cable1 setbefore last
Hot wire welding power supply1 setPanasonic
High frequency arc starter1 setPanasonic
Cooling water tank WL-201 setVirding
3Wire filling mechanism1 setcustomize
Guidewire mechanism1 setcustomize
TIG welding guns1 setPanasonic
4PLC electrical control system1 setcustomize
(1) PLC+ touch screen system program controller1 setDelta
(2) Centralized operation panel + wireless remote control box1 set
(3) Control cables, cable drag chains, trunking, etc1 set
5Arc length tracking1 setcustomize
6Conveyor roller table device12 meterscustomize

Four. The layout and composition of the equipment are as follows

0 1024x479 - Pipe pipe butt bottom filling, cover surface argon arc automatic welding equipment
1 - Pipe pipe butt bottom filling, cover surface argon arc automatic welding equipment
微信图片 20230418212521 - Pipe pipe butt bottom filling, cover surface argon arc automatic welding equipment
Pipe pipe butt bottom filling, cover surface argon arc automatic welding equipment

5. Technical description of supporting equipment

5.1. TIG welding power supply (Panasonic Japan).

descriptionThis argon arc welding is produced by Taiwan Baonoyang Company, is a high-quality, high-precision welding system, in the automatic welding, arc penetration is strong, good stiffness, its stable arc can continuously maintain long-term welding operations.
Enter the power supply380-phase 50V <>HZ
Enter the capacity13.9/13.2 (kVA/kw)
Rated output voltage26V
Rated output current400A
Form factor327x555x602 mm
descriptionThe cross moving structure, the telescopic and lifting of the cross beam are guided by linear guide rails and pneumatically locked. There is a pneumatic gun function, the welding gun manually rotates 90°, rotates left and right 90°, and has a radial pneumatic pressing function of the workpiece.
Beam lifting stroke600mm
Telescopic stroke of the beam400mm
Trolley trip1000mm
Form factor2080mm×1010mm×1850mm
descriptionPrecision cross servo slide table can realize arc length tracking and swing control. X, Y, Z three-way adjustment, convenient welding torch alignment weld adjustment. Wire filling device and welding torch holder, wire feeding adjustment and welding torch fixation.
Slide x stroke100mm
Slide y stroke100mm
Welding torch adjustmentX,Y,Z

5.5.ES374 cross carriage

   descriptionThe arc length tracking system mainly meets the automatic tracking of the height direction of the weld, and the lateral direction of the weld needs manual observation to manually adjust the tracking. The welding oscillator is a universal welding auxiliary device, which can realize arc automatic swing welding perpendicular to the direction of the weld, increase the width of the weld, improve the weld forming and increase productivity. Different swing parameters can be preset, and the left/right swing frequency (swing speed), left/right swing amplitude, left/right position residence time and other parameters can be set and program controlled. 
Swing carriage travel (swing amplitude)0~70mm
Swing speed0~1800mm/min
Center adjustment range0~60 mm
Arc length carriage travel70mm
Arc length response speed0~700mm/min
Left and right dwell time range0~5s (can be adjusted separately.)

5.6. Wire feeder

   descriptionWith automatic reverse wire extraction function and pulsation wire feeding energy, high wire feeding accuracy, on the hand communicator, the wire feeding speed is ± 0. l~5mm can be jogged and adjusted (the number can be set on the main control interface); The diameter of the welding wire that can be adapted is 0.8~1.2mm; Can adapt to 316L welding wire (welding wire diameter 1.2mm);
Wire feed lag time1~999D
Wire feed speed increment time0.01-99.9S
Wire feeding speed75~1500mm/min
The end position of the wire feed1~9999D
Wire back time0.01~5S

5.7. Automatic TIG welding gun

500A (60% duty cycle)
The welding torch body adopts integral water cooling;the length of the prefabricated tungsten electrode extension nozzle;The welding torch cable is fully enclosed and insulated;Tungsten electrode replacement time is extremely short;Optional gas push hood
60% 500A,100% 400A
Cerium tungsten or thorium tungsten
Multi-layer mesh screen structure with different densities

5.8. Three-dimensional wire feed bracket

descriptionThe device is to support the welding wire, so that the welding wire is introduced at a given angle, and the position of the welding wire can be adjusted by the handle three-axis, so as to realize the function of feeding the wire at the best angle to the solution pool during welding
Up and down the trip20mm
Left and right strokes20mm
Welding wire input angle35°

5.8. PLC automatic welding control system

This controller is the central system that completes the entire process of circumferential seam welding. It adopts a stable and reliable PLC programmable control technology platform.

In the actual production welding process, in order to complete the complex welding tasks of different products, the relevant welding parameters and motion parameters should be matched and implemented through a centralized controller. The controller adopts multi-module centralized control mode, and coordinates and communicates the relevant welding parameters and motion parameters through programming. The controller has the characteristics of simple programming, intuitive interface, convenient maintenance, strong anti-interference ability, considering that the workshop network voltage may fluctuate greatly at any time, so the system controller adopts a larger engineering control cabinet, the cabinet layout ventilation, dustproof, heat dissipation, anti-interference and other functions can achieve stable work, while easy to monitor and maintain. The input voltage of the control cabinet is 380V or 220V 50Hz ±10%, beyond this range it is recommended to increase the regulated power supply. Each functional module and switching element is reasonably installed in the controller through a trunking. A fan is installed on top of the control box to effectively dissipate heat within the chassis. There is a dust-proof partition on the edge of the box, which can effectively isolate the dust on the work site and prevent dust from entering the control box and depositing on the components and causing device failure.

Basic control functions: welding torch or workpiece motion welding speed adjustment and display

Welding current and voltage display

Welding start-stop control

Welding torch arc length and swing control

Wire feed motion control

Welding torch or workpiece position movement jog control

Welding/simulation capabilities

Parameter programming and storage, can store 20 sets of parameters, each set of parameters can be divided into 10 intervals.

Program lock function

Pre-gas time: 0.1~30.0Sec

Gas delay time: 0.1~30.0Sec

DC/pulse current selection

Optional DC/pulse gear, high-frequency arc ignition during the welding process, adjustable pulse frequency, can realize welding stroke setting and automatic attenuation.

Premelting time: 0.01~30S

Premelting current: 5~400A

Peak time: 0.1~1S

Peak current: 5~400A

Base value time: 0.1~1S

Base current: 5~400A

Current increment: 0.1~10A

Attenuation time: 0.1~30S

Closing lap time: 0-30S

Wire feed motion control

Set the wire feeding speed, wire feeding lag time, wire feeding retraction time, and set the increment to modify the welding parameters during the welding process.

Wire feed lag time: 1~999D

Wire feeding speed increment time: 0.01-99.9S

Wire feeding speed: 75~1500mm/min

End position of wire feeding: 1~9999D

Wire feeding extraction time: 0.01~5S

Sideways control

Swing switch: ON~OFF

Sideways lag time: 0.01~60S

Edge residence time: 0.01~8S, left and right side residence time can be adjusted separately

Swing speed: 50~1200mm/min

Sideways offset: 0.1~5mm

Sideways accuracy: ±0.1mm

Arc length control

Automatic arc length control on/off: ON/OFF

Automatic arc lag position: 1~9999D

Arc length voltage: 0.1~15V

Arc length voltage increment: 0.1~9.9V

Sensitivity: Configurable

Arc length control stop position: 1~9999D

The controller can store 20 welding programs

VI. Equipment List:

serial numberPart nameModel specificationsquantityremark
1TIG welding power supplyYC-400TX4+YC-400TX3HCL1Panasonic
2Precision cross welding framecustomize1customize
3The trolley moves the trackcustomize12 meterscustomize
4Roller table devicecustomize12 meterscustomize
5Machine TIG welding gunWP-271
7TIG welding arc length controllerPLS-11
8Cooling water tank10m1Built
9Wire feeding mechanism       customize1
10Wire feed hose1.2m1Interfaces included
11Welding torch cable1.2m1
12Welding torch adapter platecustomize1
13Welding machine negative wire1.5m1
14Grounding pliers300A1
15Wire filling angle adjusterMF011
16GuidescrewCustom A1
17Guidewire nozzleCustom A-111.2
18Electronic control systemcustomize1

7. Quality assurance and period: from the date of acceptance, under normal use, the warranty period is one year

VIII. Commissioning and after-sales service commitment:

Equipment installation, commissioning and personnel training are the responsibility of the seller’s professionals to ensure that the buyer’s operators can be proficient and achieve independent production capacity. During the warranty period, if the equipment breaks down or is damaged under normal use, the seller is responsible for repairing it free of charge.

15. Quotation validity period:  days

45. Delivery period: days after the contract takes effect

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