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Pipe flange saddle robot welding workstation

Pipe flange saddle robot welding workstation

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The pipe flange welding machine is a special circular seam welding machine designed and produced by our company for the circular seam automatic welding of pipe/pipe flange/pipe and plate workpieces. The pipe flange automatic welding machine is in general use. Automatic welding machine designed on the basis.

This equipment is a universal automatic welding machine that can complete all kinds of circular and circular welds. It can be used for high-quality welding of carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, and can choose argon arc welding (filled or unfilled), MIG welding (CO2/MIG/MAG), plasma welding power sources such as welding constitute a set of automatic welding system for circular seams.

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Performance characteristics

       The bed adopts a horizontal structure, which is made of welded structural parts after annealing to ensure that the bed is not deformed; the
       rotary head is driven by a direct frequency conversion motor or a servo motor, and the speed is stable and reliable; the
       end of the spindle is equipped with a welding fixture or three The claw chuck is used for clamping and positioning the workpiece; the
       tailstock can be pneumatically or manually tightened, and the end can be selected with different welding fixtures or movable centers according to the different types of workpieces; the
       tailstock can be slid on the bed rail, The distance between the head and tailstock can be adjusted to adapt to different lengths of workpieces; the
       welding torch mechanism can be moved to the corresponding position along the guide rail according to the welding position of the workpiece; the
       manual three-dimensional adjustment mechanism and the rotating mechanism of the welding torch can meet the needs of the welding torch to accurately align the welding position Need for micro-motion adjustment;

       The pneumatic lifting mechanism of the welding gun and the pneumatic tightening mechanism of the tailstock can meet the requirements of automatic welding and automatic clamping, and improve production efficiency;



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