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Longitudinal seam plasma auto welding machine

201943020165899 - Longitudinal seam plasma auto welding machine

201943020166257 - Longitudinal seam plasma auto welding machine


Stainless steel plasma longitudinal seam, ring seam automatic welding equipment technical solution

First, the scope of application

Workpiece material stainless steel welding requirements plasma (PAW) & argon arc welding (tig)

Ring seam workpiece diameter: workpiece length: workpiece wall thickness: Φ400 ~ Φ4000mm single section ≤ 3000mm, total length ≤ <10000mm4 ~ 12mm

Longitudinal seam length: ≤2500mm Weld form The longitudinal joint of the cylinder, the cylinder and the cylinder, the cylinder and the head ring joint

Working environment: Temperature range: 0~45°C Relative humidity: ≤75% (long-term), 90% (short-term, no condensation); grid fluctuation: ±10% altitude: below 1000m

Second, the welding process and welding conditions Welding method: the use of single gun plasma wire or plasma bottoming argon arc welding plus wire cover surface welding process, so that single-sided welding double-sided forming, to obtain a positive and negative two-sided beautiful appearance of the weld.

Protective gas: In order to obtain a beautifully formed weld, the front protective gas is welded: Ar (95%) + H2 (5%), ion gas, hood gas, back protection gas: Ar (99.99%).

Wire specification: Φ1.2mm

Groove form: V-shaped, blunt edge 6mm, angle 35 degrees.

Group right wrong amount: ≤0.5mm, the maximum does not exceed 10% of the thickness of the weld: ≤0.5mm, the maximum does not exceed 10% of the thickness

Weld surface treatment: Clean the oil stains, burrs and other impurities within 20mm on both sides of the weld. Assembly requirements: Use manual tig welding to fix the workpiece, the weld length is about 5 mm, and the interval is 100-200mm. The fixed point head and tail are smooth and smooth. When welding the seam, the two ends are added with the guide plate and the arc extinguishing plate.

Third, the advantages of plasma welding:  penetration ability is strong, the thickness of the plate below 10mm does not need to open the groove, greatly reducing the preparation time before welding, saving welding materials. 

The arc energy is concentrated, the welding heat affected zone is small, and the welding deformation is small.

The welding speed is fast, and the plasma welding is 4-5 times shorter than the argon arc welding. Excellent repeatability. The arc column has a large rigidity and adopts a small hole effect, which can achieve stable single-sided welding double-sided forming. The crucible electrode is shrunk in the nozzle, which is less likely to be contaminated and burnt, and has fewer weld defects.

The welding quality is good and there are many weldable materials.

The ruthenium plasma has good controllability and adjustability.

Fourth, the ring seam plasma welding system configuration and brand introduction

Serial number

1.LH4000X4000 welding operation machine

1 2.HGK-5T adjustable welding roller frame (one master and one slave)

1 set of 3.TETRIX422DC-P plasma welding power supply 1 Germany EWM4.

500 plasma welding torch 1 pair of 5.Wp27 argon arc welding torch

6. Plasma torch cooling water tank 1 Komsen

7. Welding Control System (PAW/TIG)

1 Siemens 8. Plasma precision gas assembly 1 set 9.60 electric cross slide 2 sets 10. Wire feeder assembly 1 set 11. Plasma adapter plate, gun clamp plate, wire feeder bracket, wire feeding tube 1 set 12. Cable assembly 1 set 13.24KG rail 36 m 14. Longitudinal seam back protection device 1 set 15. Ring seam back protection device 1 set 16. Weld seam monitoring system 1 set of Japan wate17. Welding operation platform 1 set of customer-made 18. Longitudinal seam welding rack 1 set of customer-made 1. Equipment indication



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