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How to choose a handheld laser welding machine?

In recent years, the production of hand-held laser welding machineThere are many manufacturers of products. In order to ensure the quality of the equipment purchased, many users will first choose from well-known brand manufacturers. The scale of the manufacturer, after-sales service guarantee and industry reputation have become the focus of users’ consideration. However, through market research, most users reflect that different The structure and shape of the handheld laser welding machines purchased by manufacturers are similar, and there are even the phenomenon that the brand logos of different purchase channels are the same. Guangyun Intelligence is here to popularize the main points of purchasing a handheld laser welding machine for everyone, and hope that users can purchase durable equipment with the most cost-effective.

First, the user needs to determine the power of the device. Many companies and manufacturers are connected with the procurement department, and they do not know much about the actual application of the production workshop and the nature of product materials. Guangyun Intelligent recommends users to send samples for process testing first. Our engineers and technical leaders will explain the process flow and evaluate the process. Whether the effect is as expected or not, the power of the device is finally determined.

Second, the main component brand selection. The hand-held laser welding machine is mainly composed of lasers, chillers, hand-held welding heads, optical fibers, sheet metal cabinets, etc. The quality of the main components basically determines the quality of the equipment. The laser industry suppliers that Guangyun Intelligent cooperates with are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and they promise to guarantee the basic performance and service life of the equipment, and Guangyun Intelligent configures its own sheet metal production workshop to ensure the delivery time and reduce the price difference between middlemen.

Third, the level of after-sales service. The reason why many users choose well-known laser equipment manufacturers that have been established for many years is because they have a relatively complete after-sales service system. However, according to some end users, even large manufacturers may have untimely after-sales responses, and large manufacturers develop products. There are a wide range of types and many production lines, and handheld devices are usually sold as a set or looking for a foundry. The focus of Guangyun Intelligent R&D, production and sales is the handheld laser processing system. The technical engineers are all practitioners with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They are committed to promoting the upgrading of traditional equipment with handheld laser equipment. Each equipment will provide the most timely Technical training and after-sales service.

Fourth, the choice of purchasing channels.

Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the laser industry, manufacturers will conduct brand promotion or cooperate with agents in various channels, and product prices will also fluctuate. Users are advised to search the company’s official website to obtain official contact information before purchasing to ensure the best purchase. Authentic handheld laser welding machines at affordable prices.



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