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How much does a handheld laser welding machine cost, and what are the factors that determine the price?

Handheld laser welding machine#With the maturity of advanced high-tech laser technology, the high price of laser welding machines has been prohibitive at first, and now it is highly respected by many enterprises. So how much is a laser welding machine? What are the factors that determine the price? Today I will answer you all.

laser welding is widely used in all walks of life, and the advanced and mature laser welding technology has made laser welding machines widely recognized. In order to ensure good use effect, professional brand laser welding machine manufacturers should be purchased, but at the same time, price positioning should also be measured.

  1. The price of different models must be different

To know how much a laser welding machine costs, users need to know the scope of use, power, type, brand specifications, etc. of the welding machine, and more importantly, they should buy it according to their own needs, so that the specific price can be confirmed. Due to the different cost prices of different brands, specifications and models, the sales prices are naturally uneven, which should be analyzed in combination with the actual welding needs.

  1. Do not blindly follow the trend when purchasing laser welding machines

Some users are blind in purchasing laser welding opportunities and do not know how to choose. Some may choose low-priced laser equipment, and some tend to prefer the more expensive the better, which can easily affect the actual use effect. It is necessary to choose according to your own welding needs, not only to ensure better results in use, but also to make the cost performance more cost-effective and avoid cost losses.

  1. After-sales service and transportation costs must be taken into account, and the manufacturer’s price should be viewed from a comprehensive perspective. If the manufacturer’s quotation is very low, but it does not include freight and the warranty period is only half a year, then such manufacturer’s quotation requires us to pay special attention, and it will be more troublesome if there is a problem with the product in the future. Maybe the cost of the later spend is much greater than the difference in the early stage.


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