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Handheld laser welding machine hardware, stainless steel doors and windows welding

Handheld laser welding machine is used for welding and forming of various metal materials, sheet metal, chassis, water tank, various hardware lamp types, door and window frames, kitchen and bathroom, wash basin processing.

It can carry out long-distance welding of large workpieces. The heat-affected zone is small during welding, which will not cause problems such as workpiece deformation, blackening, and traces on the back. The depth of the weld is large, the weld is firm, and the melting is sufficient. Adopt one-piece structure, easy to move, can be moved at will, long service life and fast welding speed.

It is a high-stability laser welding equipment to meet the needs of long-term production. High-power laser welding power source achieves 24-hour mass production. The fuselage adopts high-strength structure to ensure precision and stable performance.

With high power density, it can be used for micro workpiece welding, and is used in the assembly welding of micro and small workpieces produced in large quantities. It can weld hard-to-reach parts and implement non-contact long-distance welding, which has great flexibility.

Hand-held welding heads are used for welding large metal workpieces, without the limitation of workbench space. Easy to operate and realize outdoor operation. The workpiece can be welded at any angle and any part. It is suitable for welding of various complex welds and various devices.

After welding, the weld is firm and not deformed, the surface has no color difference, and no polishing is required, saving time and labor. No blackening and no deformation after welding, fast welding speed, no need for consumables, and easy welding of large-area stainless steel plates. Long service life and stable performance.

The quality of the beam transmitted by the optical fiber is better, the welding spot is more uniform, and the penetration depth is better.



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