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Guardrail, fence, pallet, arm robot welding system workstation

Project name: Guardrail, fence, pallet, arm support robot welding system

1. Overview of the system scheme

1. Scheme design basis and criteria

1.1 The photos, drawings and related technical requirements of the welded workpiece provided by Party A.

1.2 Based on the product’s welding process analysis and the rationality of the process flow, we strive to be highly flexible, cost-effective, and reliable, and can be expanded and upgraded in the future.     

2. Guardrails, fences, pallets, supporting arm workpieces and welding requirements             

2.1 The physical pictures of guardrails, fences, pallets, and support arm workpieces are as follows:

8d4b708534583f668587c652c285177a - Guardrail, fence, pallet, arm robot welding system workstation

2.2 Welding requirements for guardrails, fences, pallets, and supporting arm workpieces:

2.2.1 Gas-shielded arc welding (MIG, MAG). 

2.2.2 The welding is firm, and there are no welding defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, cracks, undercuts, and missing welding caused by the equipment itself.

2.2.3 The welding seam is uniform and smooth, and there is no appearance defects such as weld bead.

2.2.4 The weld size should meet the drawings and technical requirements.

2.3 Workpiece parameter conditions

1) Workpiece material: carbon steel;

2) Material thickness: 1-4MM;

3) Weld form: flat weld, fillet weld.

4) Workpiece weight: less than 150kg

5) Overall dimensions of the workpiece: fixed model, refer to the drawing.

2.4 Welding process conditions

1) High-purity argon gas protection. 

2) Guardrails, fences, pallets, and arm robot welding workpieces should not be contaminated by oil, rust, etc.

3) Ensure that the blanking accuracy and assembly accuracy of the raw materials of the guardrail, fence, pallet, and arm robot welding workpiece meet the requirements of the technical agreement and drawings.     



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