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Gantry flame plasma cutting machine (industrial standard)

1 210Q6134529228 - Gantry flame plasma cutting machine (industrial standard)

Main technical parameters

1. Power supply: 220V/50Hz                     
2. Oxygen: 99.5%                             
3. Cutting oxygen: 1 Mpa                        
4. Acetylene or gas: 0.06~0.08 Mpa    
5. Cutting torch lift stroke: 1-150mm           
6. Cutting speed: 50-6000mm/min
7. Setting speed error: ≤±5%
8. Automatically adjust high precision: ≤±0.5mm
9. Longitudinal linear accuracy: ±0.5mm/10m
10. Linear repeatability: ±0.5mm/10m



1. Structural form: gantry structure, bilateral drive;
2. Horizontal dimension: standard horizontal span 3m, effective 2.2m, using optical axis linear guide, high precision;
3. Longitudinal dimension: standard track length 8m, effective 6m, It can be lengthened arbitrarily; precision rack and pinion drive, the guide rail is precision machined 24kg steel rail;
4. Ignition height adjustment: automatic ignition, standard with 1 flame electric height adjustment, optional capacitor or arc voltage automatic height adjustment to achieve flame and plasma Cutting or dual-purpose cutting;
5. Drive mode: stepping drive, optional Japanese Panasonic AC servo drive, the whole machine is more stable, the speed range is wider, and the acceleration time is shorter;

Features of control system

1. Concise use and quick operation; the company pioneered on-site adjustment of the cutting torch height control, and various necessary movement and control keys are designed above the cutting torch height control body. It is very convenient for the operator to move and align the cutting torch.
2. Adopt advanced crystal keys, which will never wear; all keys, all adopt the most advanced crystal key design at present, to ensure that the keys are always clear and bright, and never wear.
3. Simple and clear graphics programming method; complex graphics are designed in the office with CAD, and then transferred to the cutting machine via U disk .
4. Fool-type operation mode; the bottom of the display screen prompts various operation methods at any time, and the operator does not need to be trained or read the manual.
5. Fool-type maintenance method; modular design, various working status indicators are installed on the circuit and each module, and the failure phenomenon is clear at a glance. The maintenance of the whole machine only needs to replace the function module according to the indicator light, and the maintenance is very convenient and fast.
6. Simple batch cutting function. The cutting machine can realize automatic sorting of graphics. The operator only needs to input the cutting quantity and arrangement direction to realize continuous automatic cutting in large quantities.
7. Higher reliability design, can be equipped with any plasma power supply at home and abroad for plasma cutting without plasma interference.
8. Provide a full set of operation and maintenance video of the CNC cutting machine for free , a good helper 24 hours a day, and use it more assured!



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