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Cylinder ring seam plasma P+T automatic welding machine

Cylinder ring seam plasma P+T automatic welding machine

2019925145014955 - Cylinder ring seam plasma P+T automatic welding machine

First, technical requirements

This Agreement sets out minimum technical requirements, does not specify all technical details, and does not adequately quote provisions on standards and specifications. The supplier shall ensure that mature quality products complying with this Agreement and the latest industry standards are provided.

Our requirements for equipment capabilities are as follows:

1.P+T automatic welding equipment is used for non-standard equipment for longitudinal and circumferential seam welding of tower body. It is required that stainless steel with thickness less than 8mm can be double-sided welded on one side, and stainless steel is less than 8mm without opening. After more than 8mm stainless steel opens the appropriate groove, the single-sided welding double-sided forming is completed, and the secondary filling cover is completed.

2. Weld quality requirements: The weld surface meets the requirements of ISO5817 Class B, the weld is subjected to RT secondary inspection, PT secondary inspection, mechanical properties meet the product standard requirements, and the macroscopic metallurgy meets the standard requirements.

3. Provide operators with system training (operation, programming, maintenance, etc.) to ensure personnel are qualified.

4. The brand model of the key components is clearly defined in the technical agreement or technical solution. Provide the brand of common consumable parts and purchase unit price.

5. Performance is not required and the supplier shall clarify it in the technical agreement or technical solution. The technical solution may be submitted as an attachment to this agreement.

6. Equipment operating conditions should be clearly defined (eg, gas source requirements, water and electricity requirements, etc.).

7. If there are special requirements for the installation foundation, it must be clearly stated in the technical agreement or technical plan, and the foundation drawings should be provided as required, and assist us to arrange the equipment in the factory.



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