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Plasma, flame, portable CNC cutting machine

bx1 - Plasma, flame, portable CNC cutting machine

Main technical parameters

1. Power supply: 220V/50Hz                                    
2. Oxygen: 99.5%                                            
3. Cutting oxygen: 1 Mpa                                       
4. Acetylene or gas: 0.06~0.08 Mpa                   
5. Cutting torch lift stroke: 1-150mm
6. Cutting speed: 50-6000mm/min
7. Setting speed error: ≤±5%
8. Automatically adjust high precision: ≤±0.5mm


1. Cantilever structure, the longitudinal chassis and beams are made of aluminum alloy profiles, which can be directly placed on the steel plate;
2. The horizontal effective cutting is 1.2m, and the longitudinal effective length is 1.5m (can be extended to 2m, 2.5m);
3. With automatic Ignition and electric height adjustment, optional flame, plasma or dual purpose;
4. Suitable for cutting processing of steel plate width within 1.2m;
5. This model is favored by processing users in the household machinery industry.
Cut sample display Cut sample

yp6 - Plasma, flame, portable CNC cutting machine


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