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Briefly describe the price factors and characteristics that affect the hand-held laser welding machine

Handheld laser welding machine can be said to be a very popular laser welding equipment in 2022, so do you know it?

What are the elements of the price of a handheld laser welding machine?
  1. Lasers: Generally divided into imported and domestic lasers. Imports are represented by IPG. There are well-known brands such as Maxphotonics, Raycus, and JPT in China. Under normal circumstances, imported ones are definitely more expensive than domestic ones;
  2. Laser output Power: Generally speaking, high-power ones are more expensive than low-power ones. Common output powers are 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W for laser cleaning machine manufacturers;
  3. Mobile phone software automatic control system: the control system is used in the whole welding process It has a very critical function in it, which can help you to complete flexible, low-cost, and lean production management.
  1. High flexibility: laser welding technology is a non-contact welding technology. In the production and processing industry, compared with traditional welding technology, it not only has faster welding speed, but also has high efficiency and large depth, especially for non-non-metallic welding. Material welding The actual effect of welding of special-shaped raw materials is very good, and there is greater flexibility. It can even be used for stainless steel plates, porcelain, plastics, plexiglass plates and other industries;
  2. It can be welded in multiple styles: the hand-held laser welding machine is highly flexible, so compared with other laser welding, it can not only weld, but also generally carbon and stainless steel. It can also weld metal materials such as alloy structural steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials;
  3. Save human capital: Due to the low calorific value of laser welding, the deformation after welding is not large. And it can achieve a very beautiful welding effect on the surface. Therefore, there are few post-processing solutions for laser welding, which can greatly reduce human capital and save labor costs.
  4. Safer: The hand-held laser welding machine is equipped with automatic dust removal device and safety device, which can ensure the physical and mental health and safety of the operator.



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