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Basic knowledge and introduction of handheld laser welding machine

Today, I would like to introduce a handheld laser welding machine. Everyone knows that in the traditional welding industry, it is difficult to find an excellent welder, especially in the production of high-end products. The cost of welders in the production process is a significant expense.Handheld Laser Welder

Let me briefly introduce the new technology products in the current society: hand-held laser welding machines, in traditional welding equipment, basically need a combination of rich welding experience and technology to meet the daily production, but the speed is slow, The welded appearance requires subsequent grinding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Can hand-held laser welding machines improve the shortcomings of traditional welding machines? The answer is yes, of course, here are some advantages of the hand-held laser welding machine.

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Handheld Laser Welding Gun

1. The operation is simple, no professional welding technical experience is required, and the operation can be started after 2 hours of simple training.

2 The welding speed is super fast, and one handheld laser welding machine can basically replace the output of 3 to 5 ordinary welding machines.

3 Welding can be basically free of consumables, saving costs in production.

4 After the welding is completed, the welding seam is smooth and white, which basically can be done without grinding.

5 The energy of the laser welding machine is concentrated, the thermal reflection range is small, and the product is not easily deformed.

6 The energy of the laser welding machine is concentrated, and the welding strength is very high.

7 The energy and power of the laser welding machine are digitally controlled, which can meet various welding requirements, such as complete penetration, penetration, spot welding and other requirements.

To sum up, the laser welding machine can completely replace traditional welding equipment. Hand-held laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, beautiful and bright white welds, etc. It has been well received in the market, see here Do you want to know more about this equipment, follow me, and I will share with you the welding experience of various materials in the future.



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