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Ball mill, tank head (carbon steel material 20mm ) welding robot system

Ball mill, tank head (carbon steel material 20mm ) welding robot system

Product introduction

  A ball mill, tank head robot welding system consists of two sets of Arc welding robot, two sets of welding power supply, a set of H -type single axis welding positioner, 2 sets of robotic welding torch system, two sets of anti-collision sensor, two sets of the spray gun It consists of a wire cutting device and a set of integrated control system, which are mainly used for welding head products.

Serial numberItemContent
1Basic configurationRobot is installed + H -type external axis heavy-duty positioner + hydraulic system fixture
2RobotFanuc-M-20iA,   robot 6 axis, large load 12kg, large movement radius 2009mm
3Welding powerLINCOLN PW455M

Equipment highlights:

    1 Contact point locating function and arc tracking function;

    2 The structural design of the positioner and the robot base of the robot welding system of the ball mill head rib plate . All adopt CAD computer-aided design; stress analysis and computer simulation are carried out for each key component and main movement coordination. The machining process selected for the machine base and the base, and each welded structural part is annealed, which provides a solid guarantee for the structure of the whole machine.


  Assemble the fixed work piece → carry the work piece to the positioner → the operator manually clamp the work piece → weld the work piece (the positioner flips) → end the welding work piece → reset the robot → unload the work piece, and the welding procedure of the work piece ends.



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