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Car axle robot welding workstation

Axle robot welding workstation

image - Car axle robot welding workstation
image 1 - Car axle robot welding workstation
image 5 - Car axle robot welding workstation

Workpiece:13T bridge body


Manual placement of auto parts into pneumatic clamps → manual clamping workpieces -→ robot pointsolid workpieces→ robot welding workpieces→ Welding workpieces end -→ robot reset → Removethe workpiece and the workpiece welding procedure ends.


The operator presses the start button on the operating box, the welding robot runs according to the pre-set procedure, the robot clamps the welding gun to the beginning of the weld to start welding, in the welding process the shifter can turn the workpiece in due course, so that the weld on the workpiece is conducive to the robot welding operation, welding end, robot reset, manual loading and unloading workpiece.

Tooling fixtures (manual fixtures)

Tooling fixtures have a quick switching tooling function, small tooling fast change time within 3 minutes, large tooling fast change time in less than 5 minutes to complete the quick change.

Workwear quick change details: first-level workwear and second-level workwear with the realization of rapid change

image 6 - Car axle robot welding workstation

Work fixture diagram:

The tooling fixture is manual clamping tooling, after manual placement of components, robot point solidification, robot welding.

Design to consider the operator’s ergonomics, the feasibility of three coordinate detection, welding fixture should move quickly, easy to operate, and ensure the safety of the operator.

The structural parts on the tooling fixtures are versatile and the spare parts can be universal.

Tooling fixtures have a tooling quick change error-proof interface, which can switch tooling with other products to share robot workstations.

The workpiece is placed on the workwear with an error-proof structure to prevent the workpiece from being reversed.

The tooling fixture simulation software simulates welding to prevent interference in post-work installation.

The positioning pins and pallets on the tooling fixtures are adjustable in either three or one directions

2.2 Robot welding system integration equipment configuration table

Axle – Welding robot workstation

serial number Name rules Brand quantity unit remark

2.2 Robot welding system integration equipment configuration table 

serial number Name rules Brand quantity unit remark 
Welding robots (including ontos,A control cabinet, teach-in and integrated cables). M-10iA/8L FANUC(Fanaco). cover Imported from abroad. One of the world’s top 3 first-line robot brands, arm extension 2028mm,hollow arm support built-in welding gun,  load 8Kg.A control cabinet 
Weld the power supply SFP-P400iA FANUC(Fanaco). platform Pulse welding machine, with welding carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials function 
Arc welding package (starting point spot-finding, arc tracking function)   FANUC cover Start point spot-finding, arc tracking function. 
Robot welding gun Single wire water cooling, built-in welding gun 82W German TBI cover With clip wire function 
Anti-collision sensor   German TBI cover Built 
Cycle the water tank   Long-lasting value  1 cover With water flow detection 
The gun clearer   UCRT cover The scissors of the gun spray silicone oil 
Type X three-axis shifter The two-sided axis is linked, and the middle axis is not UCRT cover Two-sided shaft linkage, intermediate shaft non-linkage, two-sided shaft load 500Kg, 
Arc-proof light screen   UCRT cover Installed on a shifter 
10 Welding fixtures Manual fixture UCRT cover 13T II Bridge robot with welding fixture, including fixture quick change mechanism 
11 Safety protection system (including curved screen guardrails, warning lights, etc.)   UCRT cover With safety grating device 
12 Smoke removal facilities Top-suction dust cover system UCRT cover Includes duster, top-suction dust cover system, mounting structure, etc 
13 System integration and control   UCRT cover Includes touch screen system, monist operating system 
14 Installation, commissioning and training   UCRT time limit   
15 fittings   UCRT cover   
16 Transportation and insurance   UCRT times   

2.3 Device diagram 

image 7 - Car axle robot welding workstation


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