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Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

14m container corrugated board longitudinal seam automatic welding machine First, the workpiece situation Workpiece material: Carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet Welding requirements: Gas shielded welding (MIG) Workpiece size: Longitudinal seam Workpiece length: Workpiece thickness: Total length of workpiece: 1000-3000mm 2mm 14m Weld form: Longitudinal seam butt two. Longitudinal seam welding ma ...

14m container corrugated board longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

First, the workpiece situation

Workpiece material:Carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet
Welding requirements:Gas shielded welding (MIG)
Workpiece size:Longitudinal seam

Workpiece length:

Workpiece thickness:

Total length of workpiece:




Weld form:Longitudinal seam butt

two. Longitudinal seam welding machine welding process

2.1 Welding process: For the workpiece thickness: 2mm, no groove opening is required, and the gas shielded wire welding process is adopted to realize single-sided welding and double-sided forming, and obtain a formed weld.

2.2 Workpiece assembly requirements:

1) The wrong side of the docking and the gap is less than or equal to 0.5mm.

2) There is no oil and water at the butt joint.

3) The spot welding distance is about 150mm, and the spot welding point should be small.

2.3 Shielding gas: Ar (80%) + CO2 (20%) is used as the shielding gas for the welding torch, which can obtain better weld formation and protection color.

In addition to plate welding, the equipment needs to be compatible with the following two specifications of plate welding, as shown in the figure below:

1 cff3e68673db0566463ec066b4ecd026 - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

1 c632a142772cd1a358fcecd9e1beb251 - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

three. Longitudinal seam welding machine equipment configuration

serial numberdevice namequantityNote the brand
1UCZF3000 panel welding tooling1 setUCRT
2ForceMig 350 welding power source1 setGerman EWM
3Welding control system1 setUCRT
4Smart temperature control water tank1 setAustralia
5Mandrel cooling water tank1 setUCRT
6Feeding platform (optional)1 setUCRT
7Electric carriage 300mm1 setUCRT
8cable assembly1 setgermany and soft
9Installation and commissioning training fee1 time
10Shipping fee1 time

Four, Longitudinal seam welding machine equipment performance description:

1. 3m Longitudinal seam welding machine panel welding tooling

This machine is mainly composed of machine base and pad, key clamp body, beam and welding trolley, air system, welding seam centering device, feeding platform and other parts. The automatic welding process of various tailor-made welds can be completed.

21062G64K2219 - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

Base and pad

The machine base is the basic support of the machine, which is composed of base, support, lifting mechanism and other parts. The machine base is made of steel structure and has enough rigidity to withstand the clamping force. There is a protective gas inlet port on the back of the liner, and the liner and the liner seat can be electrically lifted. There are multiple sets of wedge-shaped blocks under the cushion seat, the wedge-shaped blocks are installed on the fixed bottom plate, and the motor drives the bottom plate to make corresponding movements through the reducer, so that the lifting action of the cushion can be realized. The working height of the pad can be controlled by the proximity switch, so as to realize the function of repeated lifting and lowering, and at the same time, the highest and lowest limit switches are installed on the base. The lining strip adopts a water-cooled structure, which is cooled by circulating water in the cooling water tank.

piano key holder

The key clamp has a left-right symmetrical structure and is installed on the machine base, which can apply pressure to both sides of the welding seam respectively. The specific clamping method of the keyboard clamp is to inject compressed air into the air bag, and the air bag expands to apply pressure to the lever mechanism. It can be adjusted as needed (usually 7~25kgf/cm) to meet the welding requirements of different thicknesses and lengths. The clamping body controls the clamping or loosening of the left and right pressing fingers respectively through the foot switch.

Adjustment of the width between the pressing fingers: The width between the pressing fingers needs to be determined according to the welding process and the thickness of the plate. The width between the pressing fingers can be changed by adjusting the rear end support adjusting screw of the pressing plate to meet the different welding processes and plate thickness. requirements.

Beam and welding trolley

The beam is fixed on the clamping body through the linear guide rail, and the DC motor drives the gear to mesh with the rack through the micro reducer to realize the movement. Due to the use of linear guides, the trolley runs smoothly and flexibly. The speed of the DC motor can be adjusted steplessly, and the traveling speed of the trolley is set at 65-1250mm/min. When the trolley needs to be moved quickly, the trolley locking handle can be pulled to disengage the gear from the rack, and the trolley can be pushed to move quickly. The travel of the trolley can be set as required to realize digital control, and a limit is set at the end of the beam to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Air system

The compressed air system is built-in, which consists of air source triples, solenoid valves, joints and other parts. In general use, the pressure of the pressure reducing valve can be adjusted to 0.2 ~ 0.6Mpa. When welding thinner plates, a lower air pressure should be used, and the gas pressure should be correspondingly increased when the plate thickness increases or the deformation increases.

Weld alignment device

The device adopts the method of pneumatic centering and is installed on one side of the gasket seat, and the number of installed centering devices is determined according to the length of the workpiece. When aligning, the cylinder on the device is pushed out, aligned with the center of the welding seam, the workpiece is pushed forward, the centering block is held up, the workpiece is pressed, the centering device is released, and the centering block is automatically returned to its original position to compress the alignment of the workpiece at the end. The seam position is used as the benchmark, and then the other side to be stitched together. The installation position of the centering device will not affect the entry and exit of the workpiece, and has sufficient rigidity to adapt to the impact of the plate material on the device during centering.

Feeding platform (customer-made, supplier provides drawings)

The feeding platform generally adopts the steel ball type or the rubber wheel method. When the steel ball type is adopted, the upper surface is protected by a steel plate to avoid damage to the steel ball during the sliding process of the workpiece. The effective size of the feeding platform is determined according to the width of the steel plate and the splicing length. Generally, the feeding end: the length is the effective length of the panel, and the width is 6000mm, and the length of the discharge end is the effective length of the panel, and the width is 6000mm. The height of the feeding platform is matched with the panel tooling. For a large number of splices of steel plates at the inlet and outlet ends and the workpiece is thick, it is necessary to increase the feeding and discharging drive mode and extend the width of the feeding and discharging platform, such as the use of electric roller feeding method, or the composite use of steel balls and rollers, etc. .

Longitudinal seam welding machine technical parameters

Weldable effective maximum length (mm)3000
Solderable sheet thickness (mm)1.6~2
The maximum pressing force on one side of the key (kg/cm)30
Adjustable range of width between fingers (mm)10~40
Welding trolley travel speed (mm/min)65~1250
Pad vertical adjustment stroke (mm)Electric 60
Dimensions (L*W*H(mm))9200x1200x1650

2. Welding power source for longitudinal seam welding machine

1 26576b0b76e2ae3220a9bf583b7e3832 - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

3. Electric cross carriage equipped with longitudinal seam welding machine

1 dc5c7d5ef100fdfcaa776f6b140c9a5a - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

This component is an important part in automatic welding. It can realize arc height jog control (arc length control in tig/plasma state) and swing control of welding torch when matched with power supply and controller. The sliding frame is composed of two sliding plates connected in a cross. The adjustment movement of the sliding frame is driven by the stepper motor to drive the lead screw to rotate, and then the nut drives the sliding plate to move, and the supporting plate, welding gun seat, Parts such as welding torches and multi-dimensional wire feed brackets. The arc height adjustment carriage and the swing carriage can be installed and applied separately, and the horizontal and vertical positions of the welding torch can be adjusted by jogging the control button during the welding process.

The basic technical parameters are as follows:

Arc length carriage stroke: 0~60mmSwing carriage stroke: 0~60mm
Arc length response speed: 56~560mm/minSwing speed: 150-1500 mm/min
Dwell time on both sides of swing: 0.01-9.99 Sec
Swing form: Zigzag

4. Refrigeration water tank equipped with longitudinal seam welding machine

The temperature-controlled cold water tank is composed of high-efficiency condenser, compressor, fan motor, thermostat and water detection sensor. It is a necessary supporting equipment for cooling the welding torch in the process of automatic welding (such as plasma) and welding under high load continuous state.

The main technical parameters

Power supply rated voltage: 1×220V/50Hz (fluctuation range: 208V~220V)

Compressor load: 1.5P

Cooling capacity: 3400 (under 15°C)

1 bdf0ae345c06a4b809ae94c2d8b6da49 - Automatic Welding Machine for Longitudinal Seam Joints of 14m Container Corrugated Board

Water tank capacity: 52 liters

Temperature adjustment range: -5℃~+40℃

The main function:

Control temperature range, with electronic temperature adjustment, digital display of set temperature and actual temperature;

With water temperature overload protection, water shortage flow sensing protection, water level indicator display;

The use of Kenby joints, the flow of water in and out is large;

It adopts a large-capacity water tank, a 25-meter head pump and a large-diameter water pipeline, which can be applied to the structure of long-distance pipeline arrangement.

5. Welding control system equipped with longitudinal seam welding machine

The controller is the central system to complete the whole process of multi-task longitudinal circumferential seam welding. Adopt stable and reliable PLC programmable control technology platform.

In the actual production welding process, in order to complete the complex welding tasks of different products, the relevant welding parameters and motion parameters should be matched and implemented through a centralized controller. The controller adopts a multi-module centralized control mode, and coordinates and communicates with the relevant welding parameters and motion parameters through programming. The controller has the characteristics of simple programming, intuitive interface, convenient maintenance, and strong anti-interference ability. Considering that the network voltage in the workshop may fluctuate greatly at any time, a large engineering control cabinet is used for the system controller, and the cabinet is arranged for ventilation. , dustproof, heat dissipation, anti-interference and other functions can achieve stable work, and at the same time facilitate monitoring and maintenance. The input voltage of the control cabinet is within 380V or 220V 50Hz ±10%. If it exceeds this range, it is recommended to increase the regulated power supply. The functional modules and switching elements are reasonably installed in the controller through the wire trough. A fan is installed on the top of the control box, which can effectively dissipate heat inside the chassis. There are dust-proof spacers on the edge of the box, which can effectively isolate the dust at the work site, and prevent the dust from entering the control box and depositing on the components and causing the device to fail.

Basic control functions: welding torch or workpiece movement welding speed adjustment and display (for hanging operation box and mobile operation box)

Welding current and voltage display (for mobile or hanging operation box)

Welding start-stop control

Torch arc length and swing control (for tig/PAW welding process)

Wire feed motion control (for tig/PAW welding process)

Welding torch or workpiece position movement jog control

Welding/simulation function

Multi-layer multi-pass welding control

Control of other tasks (such as TV monitors, plasma flow control, etc.)

Parameter programming and storage, can store 20 groups of parameters, each group of parameters can be divided into 10 intervals.

Program lock function

The remote control or operation box and mobile operation box can be selected according to the site conditions to implement the operation

Pre-aeration time: 0.1~30.0Sec

Gas delay time: 0.1~30.0Sec

DC/Pulse current selection

DC/pulse gear can be selected, high frequency arc ignition in welding process, adjustable pulse frequency, can realize welding stroke setting and automatic attenuation.

Pre-melting time: 0.01~30S

Pre-melting current: 5~400A

Peak time: 0.1~1S

Peak current: 5~400A

Base value time: 0.1~1S

Base value current: 5~400A

Current increment: 0.1~10A

Decay time: 0.1~30S

Arc lap time: 0-30S

walking speed control

The direction of welding action (forward, reverse) can be controlled.

Wire feed motion control

Set the wire feeding speed, wire feeding delay time, wire feeding retraction time, and can set the increment to modify the welding parameters during the welding process.

Wire feeding delay time: 1~999D

Wire feed speed increment time: 0.01-99.9S

Wire feeding speed: 75~1500mm/min

Wire feeding end position: 1~9999D

Wire feeding and withdrawing time: 0.01~5S

Yaw control

Yaw switch: ON~OFF

Yaw delay time: 0.01~60S

Edge stay time: 0.01 ~ 8S, the stay time on the left and right sides can be adjusted separately

Yaw speed: 50~1200mm/min

Yaw offset: 0.1~5mm

Yaw accuracy: ±0.1mm

Arc length control

Automatic arc length control ON/OFF: ON/OFF

Auto arc length lag position: 1~9999D

Arc length voltage: 0.1~15V

Arc length voltage increment: 0.1~9.9V

Sensitivity: can be set

Arc length control stop position: 1~9999D

Inter-partition control

Number of partitionable intervals (1 to 10)

Number of programs

The controller can store 20 welding programs

6. Cable assembly for longitudinal seam welding machine configuration
Quotation for longitudinal seam welding machine

The imported control wire from Germany is installed in the tank chain, and it moves harmoniously with the operation of the welding trolley. The wiring is beautiful and stable, which can well protect the cable and prolong the life of the cable.

five. Quotation for longitudinal seam welding machine

serial numberdevice namequantity
1UCZF3000 panel welding tooling1 set
2ForceMig 350 welding power source1 set
3Welding control system1 set
4Smart temperature control water tank1 set
5Precision cross carriage1 set
6Mandrel cooling water tank1 set
7Double row independent drive transmission type electric feeding and unloading platform1 set
8Electric carriage 300mm1 set
9Pneumatic lift cylinder system1 set
10cable assembly1 set
11Installation and commissioning training fee1 time
12Shipping fee1 time

six. Color configuration of longitudinal seam welding machine

1. The welding power source is the original standard equipment power source.

2. The color of the machine body, electrical control and other parts should be selected from the company’s standard equipment color. If it is determined by the buyer, please provide the color swatch.

seven. Installation and debugging of longitudinal seam welding machine

1. After the equipment is delivered to your company, the installation and commissioning personnel will install the station equipment in place according to the overall floor plan and foundation map. Connect the water and electricity to prepare for commissioning.

2. The installation and commissioning personnel are composed of fitters, electricians, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, etc., and complete installation, pipeline connection, equipment testing, trial production, adjustment of production rhythm and welding quality, operator training, equipment acceptance and other work as required.

Eight. Technical training plan and content

1. During the commissioning and acceptance of the equipment, according to the requirements of the buyer, the supplier arranges relevant personnel to conduct technical, operation and maintenance training for the buyer’s personnel.

2. The working principle of the equipment, the safety of the equipment, the working principle of various instruments and machine operation training and simple troubleshooting, assisting in process welding. Training at the time of commissioning at the buyer.

Note: Personnel requirements: The operator needs to have a high school education or above, and has a corresponding welding operation certificate; the competent technical personnel have a college degree or above.

Nine, after-sales service content and measures

1. Service content and warranty period regulations: the equipment is qualified for acceptance (acceptance within 1 month of receipt of the goods, and the seller considers that the buyer is qualified for acceptance after the expiration date), and the warranty period will be calculated after both parties sign the equipment. Damaged parts are excluded,) or 12 months after delivery. Except for force majeure and accidents, the main structural parts are guaranteed for life. During the warranty period, the supplier shall perform one-time maintenance of the supplied equipment free of charge according to the time agreed with the buyer. During the warranty period, the user is responsible for equipment damage, and the seller shall provide timely paid services. After the warranty period, we will provide paid technical services and maintenance work according to user requirements.

2. Service measures, after the company sells products, the after-sales service department is responsible for after-sales service, and there is a service hotline

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