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Auto aluminum alloy condenser laser weld robot

2019102171247586 - Auto aluminum alloy condenser laser weld robot

Automotive air conditioning aluminum alloy intercooler, condenser, radiator laser welding robot workstation

project description:

1.1 automatic welding machine components

Welding system consists of: Yaskawa robot system, 1000 watt fiber continuous laser, laser control system, duplex plane welding

Platform, laser dedicated cooling system and other components.

Automotive radiator robot laser welding machine

1.2 The welding robot workflow is as follows:

The automatic welding machine is manual loading and unloading, and the double station is automatically welded. The specific work flow is as follows:

The first step: start the whole machine in order, adjust or call the saved welding robot parameters;

Step 2: Load the product, load the stencil on the profiling fixture, assemble the lug to be welded, and press the tab with a quick collet;

Equipment begins production;

The third step: at the same time of welding, another loading station is operated by manual operation, such as loading and unloading.

1.3 Welding robot safety introduction:

1. The welding robot installs a three-color lamp on the main cabinet to indicate the operating condition of the equipment;

Second, customer requirements and implementation features:

(1) Solder joint rules, neat, no cracks, partial welding, welding and other phenomena.

(2) The peeling force is greater than N, and the shearing force is greater than N

(3) PPH is expected to PCS;

(4) to meet the customer’s air conditioning condenser product welding, as shown

Aluminum alloy radiator laser robot welding equipment



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