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Arc welding robot

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Basic product introduction of Arc welding robot

Arc welding, refers to the use of an electric arc as a heat source, using the physical phenomenon of air discharge to convert electrical energy into the thermal and mechanical energy required for welding, thus achieving the purpose of joining metals. The main methods are electrode arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc. It is the most widely used and important fusion welding method, accounting for more than 60% of the total welding production.

It is the most widely used welding method in industrial production. Its principle is to use the heat generated by the arc discharge (commonly known as arc combustion) to melt the welding rod and the workpiece to each other and form a weld after condensation, thus obtaining a solid joint in the welding process. Arc welding robots mostly use gas shielded welding methods (MAG, MIG, tig). MIG welding usually uses DC welding power source, so we choose Megmeet welding power source to match our robot. It can achieve a good welding effect. With our control system, the welding process is very stable.Our Arc welding robot is 6-axis robot. It can meet many welding situation. For welding complex weld seam, our robot can perform well with the arc track sensor and laser track sensor. Customer can choose the type of welding torch according to the current to ensure the best welding.

How is the Arc welding robot composed?

The arc welding robot mainly includes four parts: robot, robot external axis, welding fixture accessories, and welding equipment.

  1. The robot consists of robot body, teaching pendant and control cabinet (hardware and software).
  2. Welding equipment consists of welding machine, wire feeder (arc welding), welding gun (clamp), and negative cable.
  3. The external axis of the robot consists of the robot ground rail, the robot positioner, the robot gantry and other parts.
  4. Welding fixture accessories are mainly used to implement fixtures and robot gun cleaning stations for products. At the same time, there should be sensor control device systems for intelligent robots.

Features of arc welding robot:

  1. Stabilize and improve the welding quality to ensure the uniformity of product quality.
    In traditional welding work, the welding speed and the elongation of the welding machine are all changed, so it is difficult to achieve uniformity of quality. When the arc welding robot is used for welding, the welding parameters of each weld are constant, and the quality of the weld is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for workers’ operating skills, so the welding quality is stable.
  2. The arc welding robot improves the working conditions of workers.
    Traditional welding requires manual handling and flipping of workpieces. The welding process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The use of arc welding robots can reduce the labor of workers, especially with welding positioners, which can automatically flip the workpieces. The main worker needs to stand in the assembly station. During the operation, the workers are far away from the welding arc, the private splash of smoke and so on.
  3. The arc welding robot improves the labor consumption rate.
    The arc welding robot is not tired, and it can continuously use the arc welding robot to weld for 24 hours, and the efficiency improvement is more and more obvious.
  4. The product cycle is clear, and it is easy to control the product output.
    The production cycle of the arc welding robot is fixed. By teaching and reproducing, it is only necessary to program according to the specifications of the workpiece to be welded and the welding conditions. The arc welding robot can weld batches of products, which is beneficial for users to reasonably arrange production work.
  5. It can shorten the cycle of product replacement and reduce the corresponding equipment investment.
    The difference between the arc welding robot and the traditional welding is that the arc welding robot can modify the program to adapt to the welding work of different workpieces, and can realize the transformation requirements according to the welding needs of different fields, and its welding efficiency is two to three times that of ordinary workers, which can help Users control costs.
    The above are the characteristics of arc welding robots. Choosing a suitable arc welding robot can help users improve welding efficiency, stabilize welding quality, clarify the production cycle of products, and improve the automation level of production lines.

Applicable Industries

Performing multi-position welding such as flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding and back welding; electrode arc welding can be performed anywhere there is a power source; suitable for welding of various metal materials, various thicknesses and various structural shapes.

ARC Series Parameters

ModelAxis Reach(mm)  Payload(kg)  PositionRepeatabil(mm) IP Level RobotWeight(kg) 

UCRT arc welding robot system software instruction manual:

Click to download: Operating Software Instruction Manual_en


Q:What are the delivery times and services?

A:Delivery time is 15 days. We will provide after -sales and videos online and We have professional team to confirm the robot can work well in customer factory.

Q: Can you provide fixture?

A: It needs customers integrate themselves.

Q: What welding torch do you use on the robot?

A: We have air cooling, water cooling, DINSE, and TBi push pull torch.

Q: Can you provide torch clean station?

A: Yes we can.

Q: What is the language of the teach pendant?

A: There are two languages of the teach pendant, English and Chinese.

Q: How can I become the distributor of UCRT?

A: Please send us your detailed information, we will contact you.

Q: Can you give me a discount price?

A: We have a strict price system, if you want to know the details, please contact us.

Application case of arc welding robot in construction machinery parts

Scheme renderings of excavator motor welding robot:

0148 - Arc welding robot

Scheme renderings of excavator bucket and bucket welding robot:

0147 843x1024 - Arc welding robot

Scheme renderings of the welding robot for the excavator X chassis:

0149 - Arc welding robot

The effect diagram of the frame welding robot scheme:

01491 1024x785 - Arc welding robot







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