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Application of hand-held laser welding machine in the field of stainless steel

Handheld laser welding machines have the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, a wide range of weldable materials, and low maintenance costs. This handheld Laser Welder equipment has been widely used in many industries. What are the main applications of hand-held laser welding machines?

1. Kitchen and bathroom with cabinets

At present, people often need to use various kitchen cabinets, including some stainless steel kitchen utensils. Stainless steel cabinets and kitchen utensils are usually made of various plates in the production process, and the plates naturally need to be cut in the production process, and the hand-held laser welding machine is used for cutting.

2. Stairs and elevators

In the production process of elevators and stairs, especially some details need to be welded with a handheld laser welding machine, which is easy to operate, ensures that every corner can be welded in place, and ensures the aesthetics of stairs and elevators, so the highly rated handheld laser welding machine The application of laser welding machines in stair elevators is also very common.

3. Door and window guardrail

In the process of modern home decoration, more and more stainless steel materials are used, including some stainless steel doors and windows and guardrails, and stainless steel doors and windows and guardrails also need to be welded with welding equipment during the construction process. The highly acclaimed handheld laser welding machine does just that, ensuring that the display of doors, windows and guardrails will not be affected after welding.

To sum up, ordinary handheld laser welding machines are mainly used for kitchen cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators and door and window guardrails. In addition, the hand-held laser welding machine has high cost performance, fast welding speed, simple welding process and convenient operation, which ensures the welding effect is more beautiful. Therefore, this high-rated handheld Laser Welder can also be widely used in general industries such as food packaging, electronic components and jewelry.



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